June 17, 2022

Use this powerful hack to rank up to 10x higher on Google

This surprisingly simple secret trick that leverages the power of Video SEO and Basch can help you rank on the first page of google And it doesn't take more than 5 minutes!
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If you create content for your website or write blogs, you most likely spend a lot of time wondering how to get your blog to rank higher on Google.

Countless content marketers and SEO experts, just like you, wonder how to create SEO-friendly posts that can reach the first page of Google and achieve a high average engagement time.

This blog will teach you a secret trick that will hook your readers and increase the average engagement time by 2 mins!

Existing Guides Are Outdated

You might have read hundreds of blogs on how to rank higher on Google, but most of them are just telling you to follow the same obvious optimization strategies that everyone else is following. There are hardly any new tricks in the market.

With constantly changing algorithms and competition, everyone follows the same old guides, and their strategies can take months of hard work to rank!

So what is this secret trick that we are about to share, that can help you rank faster? It's none other than "Video SEO"

What is "Video SEO"?

When you search for something, and you see a video pop up, that is Video SEO in action. Optimizing for videos to show up on your search results is called Video SEO.

what is video SEO?

Google reported that they are emphasizing and promoting high-quality blogs and thus growing emphasis on video formats.

"Video is a growing format for content creation and consumption on the web, and Google indexes videos from millions of different sites to serve users. Videos can appear in several different places on Google, including the main search results page, video search results, Google Images, and Discover."

Instead of going through a long and tiring blog post, people prefer skimming through a video which makes them click on blogs that contain videos.

Though the concept seems complex, it isn't. Just adding a video to your blog can do wonders! If used correctly, video can be an extremely powerful form of content and play an essential role in your overall SEO strategy.

But most SEO experts don't place a high priority on it. And we get it as it's hard and time-consuming to create videos.

How to make Videos From Blogs

Basch is a simple tool that creates highly SEO-optimized videos for your blogs within a minute!

After inserting your blog link, Basch uses its AI engine to generate a relevant SEO-friendly video.

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What does the data say?

You might be wondering how come Video SEO can help you rank 10X higher? Let's have a look at the statistics:

Video Is 50 Times More Likely To Get Organic Page Ranks in Google Than Plain Text Results!

Videos ranking on google search with Video SEO on video tab

Video content can be a much more effective way of reaching your customer than plain blogs because videos are super persuasive and engaging.

Research from Forrester says that videos are also 50 times more likely to be sought after by search engines, which means that, on average, video content has a better chance of appearing on the first page of Google.

This is good news for you because if your competition is just relying on written content to reach their customers, they are at a significant disadvantage against you. With an easy-to-produce video, you have the potential to reach millions of people that would have never seen your blog or business before.

But Creating Engaging Videos is Difficult

Now that you're convinced that video SEO is the ultimate way of getting your blogs higher on Google, you might be thinking that creating engaging videos is a time-consuming and expensive process.

Not only that, but optimizing the video for SEO is yet another time-consuming task!

Fortunately, Basch does all of this for you in just a couple minutes! All you have to do is enter your blog's link, and you are done! Basch creates a fully SEO-optimized video with all relevant meta tags and description in it!

Basch automatically compresses and sets all the meta and description tags in one embed code.

Basch automatically compresses and sets all the meta and description tags in one embed code

Now, unleash the power of video SEO using Basch. Turn your blogs into videos for free today!


Google is putting more emphasis on promoting blogs with videos, but at the same time, video SEO is an untapped opportunity because of how complex the whole video creation process is and how complicated optimizing it is.

Using Basch for Video SEO and ranking on google

This naturally leads to a lot lower competition for the same keyword. Now, instead of competing for the exact keywords using the same old text, you can make the smart move and use Basch!

Turn your blogs into SEO-optimized videos in less than 2 minutes!

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